History of Madayne

Early in 2013 Ahab + Jessica had the opportunity to purchase Yaks Cafe that was closing down on Hilltop. After taking some time to reflect and because we are people of faith, we prayed and decided to purchase the company. The owners of Yaks agree to allow us to keep the Yaks name and standards for 6 months, and during that time trained Ahab + Jessica to run the established business. During those 6 months Ahab + Jessica traveled through out Northern California and Southern Oregon to Find the best local coffee roaster. After a few months they discovered Temple Coffee from Sacramento and fell in love. After examine the menu, the team refined the ingredients and enhanced the decor really making the company their own. They have done an outstanding job creating an atmosphere that welcomes the community to enjoy a high standard of excellence and a feeling of welcome. If you have had a great experience and want to let them know email them at madaynemgmt@gmail.com