The Leadership development Program is the Hallmark of Madayne. The heart beat of Madayne is to be more than a job, more than a gathering place, rather a place for our people to grow and learn so that they can fulfill the vision of their lives. We understand that you have goals in life and that you desire to be the best version of yourself possible. We want to help you achieve these goals and help you develop into the man or woman that you desire to be.

About LDP:

  1. (3) Classes to attend
  2. (3) Books to read
    1. 1. Travelers Gift
    2. 2. QBQ
    3. 3. The Noticer
  3. (1-2) one on ones with Ahab

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This years Leadership Development Program will begin Jan 14th at 8pm

2051 Hilltop Dr. Suite 2A

Behind the Quality Inn, to the left hand side. First office upstairs.

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