Madayne Coffee

Madayne Coffee Co is a high quality retail and wholesaler out of Redding Ca. Madayne's Eatery & Espresso is proud to serve this high quality espresso (blend and single-origin) cups of excellence as well as rare coffee's found from around the world. Gourmet coffee beans harvested in Brazil, Panama, Ethiopia,

Papa New Guinea, Honduras and many other locations brought locally and roasted fresh for you. This isn't your mom's cup of joe, it's premium gourmet coffee that you'll be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

With over 20 years in coffee, roasting, sourcing and the like, Madayne opens its doors less as the new kid on the block and more with a professional, and developed understanding of Coffee and the delicate process of gather beans from around the world, to bring you the flavor profile you desire.  Madayne is constantly looking for the unique story and the relational connection. We decided years ago, that as business people we don't have to work with everyone, just people that we like. This keeps the Madayne culture in our shop and around the world, relational, enjoyable and exciting.